Welcome to Solatas way of life

over 120 detailed traits that make each Solata unique

Solatas are an NFT collectibles project

Solatas is an unique collection of NFTs. The collection consists of 5000 unique NFTs with over 120 different traits. 

Mint date is still To Be Announced and it’s planned to be listed on Magic Eden as marketplace for secondary market.
None of them are exactly the same and you own them on the Solana blockchain.
Enter a different project with great advantages and fun!

Why Solatas?

Enjoy the different things we offer in our project!


Rewards for collectors


Stickers which have a reward just by minting


Tasty flavours


Before Mint | First steps

Growing the community on Discord and on Twitter. Starting giveaways and collabs to promote this project sooner than later. 

Before Mint | Next steps

Collaborations: starting collabs with important people from NFTs community and with some other projects.

Info about launch

Depending on the amount we sell this could change, but at the moment we don’t think anything else but sell out will happen.

5000 Solatas willl be sold.

Date is TBA, depending on how fast we get the real people who see the opportunities this project brings.

We plan to only be listed on 1 marketplace. We are planning Magic Eden, but this could change.

Usage of the revenues / royalties

NO charity donations: a 10% of the revenues will be given back to the community for things like:

- Parties / social events where it would be needed a Solata as entry ticket. With huge surprises in events.
- Giveaways for holders after mint / sweeping other NFTs floor and giving them away too.
- Polls for holders will decide more ways to distribute this money.

We will allocate the biggest part of royalties on these things mentioned, we aim to have fun with you not only behind your computer.

We won’t be waiting months to do things after mint, so make sure to be up to date with Solatas.